Translating does not just mean converting a text word for word into the target language. It means reflecting the tone and content of the original text using natural fluid language in the final product.

In certain situations, a translation must be rather literal (for example a legal text), in others, however, transferring the meaning of the text is far more important. Sometimes, it is only with translation that it becomes clear that the context in the source language is not very clearly formulated. There are many situations in which it is worth employing an experienced translator.

I would be delighted to translate your conference documents, such as presentations and minutes, brochures, records and much more besides, from English into German or from German into English.

Revision (proofreading)

Mistakes find their way into all kinds of texts and as authors of a text we quickly become blind to our own mistakes, as we of course know what the text should say.

Often a word can have multiple different meanings and working out which word to use in the context is something which even a very proficient language user will not always be able to do. The necessary specialist vocabulary is also often lacking.

I will gladly help you to remove mistakes from a (translated) German text or polish passages of text.