Simultaneous interpreting

With simultaneous interpreting, the speaker’s words are almost immediately (simultaneously) converted into another language. In order to do this, the interpreter needs the appropriate technical equipment (sound-proof interpreting booth(s), sound engineering and an audience wearing headphones).

Simultaneous interpreting requires very high levels of attention and concentration, which means that no single interpreter should work for more than 30 minutes at a time. Therefore, simultaneous conference interpreters always work in the booth in teams of two, or sometimes three depending on the duration and difficulty of the conference. In this way, they are able to support one another and take regular breaks.

This type of interpreting is ideal for multi-lingual events and conferences as well as congresses, business and board meetings, workshops and training to name but a few. It saves a great deal of time compared to consecutive interpreting and is pleasant for both speakers and audiences alike. Simultaneous interpreting does not interrupt the flow of the meeting and the interpreters are only heard by those who require interpretation into another language.