Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Elena Möbus and I have been working as a freelance interpreter and translator since 2008.

I would be delighted to interpret for you at a conference, negotiation or site visit, together with colleagues if required. In addition to this, I can also provide advice on the type of interpreting which suits your needs (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, escort or liaison interpreting) and the conference technology you require for your event. If necessary, I can also put together a team of highly-trained interpreters.

Does your event tackle topics such as medicine, pharmaceutics, technology, finance, sustainability or another specialist subject area? Under ‘Profile’ you will find a list of my specialist areas of knowledge and my qualifications. If I am personally unable to help you, I can still put you in touch with highly-qualified colleagues who are experts in your particular field of interest.

Give me a call, I’m looking forward to it!

I would be delighted to give you an individual quote.